Athletics World Championship 2017: Bolt's Final Race



Don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened. Tonight is arguably the biggest night of the 2017 World Championships. Tonight, Mo Farah bids for an historic double, and the curtain comes down on the greatest sporting career that has ever been seen, and we will ever see. Usian Bolt competes in the 4x100 relay final, and for the final time in his career. Nathan Waywell here for this historic day!

Here are the crucial times for tonight:

And also, tonight is the last ever night Mo Farah will compete on the track. Can he get another 10,000M and 5,000M double? I, and most of Great Britain, hope so!

Currently going on is the Decathlon Javelin and Women's High Jump Final, but the BBC being as useful as their golf coverage and not showing anything.

WE HAVE ATHLETICS ON TV! Katrina Johnson-Thompson and Morgan Lake representing Great Britain in this final. Hopefully KJT doesn't recreate her Heptahlon high jump effort. I could have jumped higher than that...

The clear favourite for tonight is Maria Lasitskene, who is Russian, but tonight for obvious reason having to represent a neutral nation.

KJT's first attempt. And she easily clears 1.84, the same height Lasitskene cleared a few moments ago.

Also you can get involved during this historic night! Comment by pressing be first on desktop/iPad, or reply if your using a phone.

Decathlon Javelin now being shown. Kevin Mayer of France winning overall as it stands, with Rico Freimuth and Kai Kazmirek both of Germany filling up the respective silver and bronze medal positions. Mayer throws 66.10 with his first attempt.

Here's the second jump of Lasitskene. She makes 1.88. At the moment I'll be honest, these jumps are more or less irrelevant.