Athletics World Championship 2017: Bolt's Final Race



Morgan Lake clears 1.88 for Britain too.

KJT now looking to clear 1.88, and she does easily.

If Johnson-Thompson cleared 1.88 in the hepathlon, which going off her jump today she could have done blindfolded, she would have got a silver in the heptathlon.

Lasitskene clears 1.92 and more. Her highest jump this year is 2.06, 7cm ahead of the rest of the world.

Cunningham second best on paper at 1.99, and she fails to clear 1.92 at the first attempt.

Morgan Lake just clears 1.92, the bar is shaking afterwards!

Lavchenko of Ukraine, only aged 19, clears 1.92 too. No rhyming intended there, I'm just a natural at poetry.

KJT now going for 1.92. And she fails her first attempt by quite a bit...

Licwinko of Poland clears 1.92 at second attempt.

KJT with a second 1.92 attempt. She gives the bar a rattle but clears it!