Athletics World Championship 2017: Bolt's Final Race



Bryant of GB third. And more importantly, it is confirmed Kevin Mayer of France takes the gold overall!

The build up to both the 4x100 relays is underway. Britain will be hoping for medals in both. Could GB really ruin Usain Bolts dream send off? After his individual career ended with a bronze, can he end his entire career with a gold? After Farahs silver and his bronze earlier in the week, I certainly hope so! If theres one team I and every other British fan want to spoil his party though, its GB...

Final Decathlon standings:

In the Mens Javelin gold, Johanees Vetter of Germany takes the gold! Two Czech Republicans take silver and bronze, called Vadlejch and Frydrych.

Its now time for the Womens 4x100M relay final! Can Britain better their bronze from Rio 2016? I hope so! All the teams currently coming out and doing their own dance/pose. Not even sure if you can call them dances and poses. Britain do some weird handshake, USA all give the cameraman a mean stare. My sources understand the cameraman is currently crying.

Both Britain relay teams have been talked up by Collin Jackson in the build up. Jackson has said something along the lines of they could make history tonight. No pressure, guys and girls.

A lot of people feeling as though this is just a prelude to a send off bigger and more important than Farahs, the send off for the GOAT before his retirement. Im not so sure, history could be made in this race. Britains order is the same as the Rio 2016 order.

On your marks, set... WE ARE OFF IN THE WOMENS 4X100 RELAY FINAL!

After 200M, Britain in a good position.