Austrian Moto3

Moto GP


Hello and welcome everybody to our coverage of the Moto3! The race will begin 7 minutes. The grid is Rodrigo, Guevara, Canet Bastianini, McPhee, Bendsneyder Migno, Oettl, Di Giannantonio

The full grid can be found here:

23 laps of the Red Bull Ring in Austria! We are about to begin the warm up lap!

The Warm up lap is underway.

This is the track we are racing round today! Slipstream will be crucial

The Moto3 race is underway! GO! GO! GO!

into turn 1 Rodrigo leads! McPhee leads in turn 3! McPhee!!! After lap 1, Rodrigo leads! Followed by Bendsneyder and McPhee!

Bendsneyder, Bastianini, McPhee, Canet, Rodrigo after lap 2 of 23

McPhee passes Bastianini for 2nd. Every thing changes again! Now it's Bendsneyder, Bastianini, Canet, Martin, Rodrigo

Bendsneyder is the only one holding their position! Bendsneyder leads! But Martin takes the lead! McPhee in 3rd following Bendsneyder. Mir in 4th with Rodrigo 5th.