Good evening! James Leahy here and I'll be taking you through Summerslam!, I'm tired, I have flu, I'm going to try my best. Main show getting underway in 4 minutes time.

Should be a good show

I'm stocked up on energy drinks and Desperados, I feel utter rubbish. Main show about to get underway.

We start off with the usual promo's to kick start the evening.

Haven't a clue which song is on this promo but it's brilliant

We're in Brooklyn, New York! It's summerslam!

John Cena coming out.

And his opponent Baron Corbin making his way to the ring

Spanish commentary team at ringside, how long until their table goes through?

Ding ding ding! We're underway in the first match of the main show! John Cena vs Baron Corbin