"Where's your briefcase" been sung by the fans, Baron Corbin cashed in his money in the bank and lost.

John Cena putting on JBL's hat and mimicking Corbin.

Corbin stamping on Cena and gaining an advanatage in this match early on

Boot to the face from Corbin

Cena with a head butt to the ribs getting Corbin off him, Corbin then out the ring, jumps back in and clothesline's Cena out, 1....2.... kick out!

Corbin arguing with the ref giving Cena time to recover of some sort.

Big right hands from Cena, Corbin counters and slams Cena, 1...2... kick out!

Corbin working on the neck area of Cena and taking a huge advantage in this match

Corbin telling the crowd to boo him, they deliver back with "where's your briefcase"

Cena rallying, you can't see me... five knuckle shuffle.... Corbin counters!