Book Review: The Anatomy of Manchester United



Manchester United. Arguably the most historic English football club, and perhaps the club with the greatest history in all of world football. And this history has been put into one handy book, written by Jonathon Wilson (@jonawils). The book is released on the 24th August, and you can pre-order/purchase the book depending on when you are reading this by clicking this link >>>

I'm Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) and today I'll be reviewing this book, and hopefully telling you whether it's a worth a purchase. Without further ado, let's dive in!

In summary, the book is based around ten different matches over ten different chapters as such. These are the ten matches: Bristol City v Man Utd - 1909 Man Utd v Blackpool - 1948 Crvena Zvezda v Man Utd - 1958 Benfica v Man Utd - 1968 Crystal Palace v Man Utd - 1972 Man Utd v Barcelona - 1984 Man Utd v Oldham Athletic - 1990 Juventus v Man Utd - 1999 Man Utd v Chelsea - 2008 Crystal Palace v Man Utd - 2016

In each of these chapters though, the information in it isn't purely about the specific matches. For example, the 2016 FA Cup Final flicks between the actual game itself, and the post Sir Alex Fergsuon era in general. As well as this, the first chapter about the 1909 FA Cup Final v Bristol City talks about the clubs history since it was founded as Newton Heath in 1878 to around 1928, when one of the integral players in the existence of the club, a certain John Henry Davies passed away.

The matches later on are obviously easier to pull information from as there is tv footage of the whole 90 minutes however, this isn't the case for the earlier matches. There isn't any footage of the 1909 FA Cup, and there is very limited footage of the games against Blackpool in the 1948 FA Cup Final and the European Cup quarter final second leg match versus Red Star Belgrade in 1958 (which by the way is a very touching section of the book with a lot of sentimental value, as this was the final game before the tragic 1958 Munich air crash). Despite this, Wilson still manages to perfectly portray a report of all three of these games, in particular the Bristol City match, where he uses a variety of sources and newspapers which reported the game, like the Manchester Evening News (MEN) and the Mercury.He also delves into the 99 treble season while discussing the Q/F Juve away leg tie when Roy Keane was in his pomp. Look for a superb nugget on Andy Cole too!

Despite all this, there is still one standout negative about the book, and that is the countless grammatical errors in it, such as incorrect or missing words. However, the quality of the information given and the detail that has gone into every single chapter is staggering, and that certainly means this negative is relatively minor one as you are so wrapped up in the book itself.

If you're a United fan like myself, then I highly recommend that you buy this book, as it is summarises some of the most vital games in the clubs history which were paramount in the success of one of the greatest clubs on earth. Even if you are not a United fan, and perhaps you have an interest in footballing history, then this book is still for you. Overall, if we were doing a star rating of the book I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.

I'll start wrapping up now, as I don't want to give too much away about the content in the book. As I know you like surprises. Maybe. Make sure to go and give the author, Jonathan Wilson, a follow on Twitter @jonawils and you can pre order/purchase the book, depending on when you are reading this, via this link >

The Anatomy of Manchester United by Jonathan Wilson is on sale from the 24th August, so I suggest you go and grab a copy. And if you don't, I won't be angry, I'll just be very disappointed. I've been Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711), goodbye...