Arizona Diamondbacks

New York Mets



Hello all! Thomas Frost here with UK time friendly major league baseball! West v East tonight. The slumping Arizona Diamonbacks against the all long season slumping New York Mets. Can the D-backs get their season back on track tonight? First pitch is just after 5pm so let's get you some game information first to mull over before then.

D-backs pitcher:

Mets pitcher:

D-backs lineup:

Mets lineup:

Here's how the D-backs are faring in the NL West:

Here's how the Mets are faring in the NL East:

Here's the wildcard race in the NL:

On the face of it you'd say the D-backs look in a decent position as we approach the business end of the season, but they are slumping. They were 53-36 at the All-Star break and 9 1/2 games ahead in the wildcard race. Since the All-Star break they have gone 16-22 and have had their wildcard lead cut by 6 games to 3 1/2 as the Brewers, Cardinals and Stanton inspired Marlins lurk dangerously.

My team, the Mets are out of it after an awful season, so all we can do is hope to ruin team's seasons. This game is the final game of a 4 game set. Mets won last night after the D-backs took the first 2 of the series. Join me around 5 for all the action!