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Good evening and welcome to the Women's World Cup Final between England and New Zealand. I'm Mel (@ANCook26Fans). I enjoy watching rugby but have not watched a lot of women's games - mainly due to the fact that not many are shown on TV here - but I will do my best to take you through the action. Please be gentle if I make mistakes!

ENGLAND 1. Vickii Cornborough, 2. Amy Cokayne, 3 Sarah Bern, 4. Abbie Scott, 5. Tamara Taylor, 6. Alex Matthews, 7. Marlie Packer, 8. Sarah Hunter, 9 Natasha Hunt, 10. Katy Mclean, 11. Kay Wilson, 12. Rachael Burford, 13. Megan Jones, 14. Lydia Thompson, 15. Emily Scarratt

Subs: 16. Vicky Fleetwood, 17. Rochelle Clark, 18. Justine Lucas, 19. Harriet Millar-Mills, 20. Isabelle Noel-Smith, 21. La Toya Mason, 22. Amber Reed, 23. Amy Wilson Hardy.

NEW ZEALAND: 1. Toka Natua, 2. Fiao'o Faamausili, 3 Aldora Ituna, 4. Eloise Blackwell, 5. Charmine Smith, 6. Charmaine McMenamin, 7. Sarah Goss, 8 Aroha Savage, 9 Kendra Cocksegde, 10, Victoria Subritzky-Nafatali, 11. Renee Wickliffe, 12. Kelly Brazier, 13, Stacey Waaka, 14 Portia Woodman, 15 Selica Winiata.

Subs: 16. Te Kura Ngata-Arengamate. 17 Sosoli Talawadua, 18. Aleisha Nelson, 19. Becky Wood, 20. Lesley Ketu, 21. Kristina Sue, 22. Theresa Fitzpatrick, 23. Carla Hohepa

Route to Final: ENGLAND bt Spain 56-5 bt Italy 56 - 131 bt USA 47-26 by France in the semi-finals 20-3 NEW ZEALAND: bt Wales 44-12 bt Hong Kong 121-0 bt Canada 48-5 bt USA in the semi-finals 42-12

ITV confirm that Wales beat Ireland 27-17 in the 7th place play-off match. Just checking the official website, France took the Bronze Final 31-23 against the USA.

The teams are coming out for the national anthems - England first and then New Zealand. Then a moments silence for a former All Black Colin Meads who died recently. Finally a Haka from New Zealand to lay down the challenge.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

First time I've seen a women's team perform the Haka...... I always think it's such a huge advantage for the men's team, but it seemed to take up a lot of emotion for the women. Interesting.


It scared me!

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ENG 0 - 0 NZ Joy Neville is the referee today. England kick off and well taken by New Zealand. They move forward well until they have to kick. Line out won by England.

ENG 0 - 0 NZ New Zealand try to steal it back but illegally and England have another line out. Brilliant run forward by Burford. McLean kicks and they gain a lot of territory. England steal the line-out and have the advantage 5m out.