The two highest scoring teams in the NFL are preparing for the opportunity to compete in Super Bowl L

interested to see how responsible a blitz happy Arizona defense will be. An undisciplined pass rush will be gashed by Cam Newton using legs

After Arizona went 3-and-out on opening possession; Panthers driving in to Arizona territory with short passes to Stewart and Cotchery.

An early decision for Ron Rivera, a "Riverboat Gambler." 4th and 2 on the Arizona 27. Before the play, Arizona calls time.

Coming out of the time out, Rivera sends out the field goal unit. Gano's kick from 45 yards is good. New score: Arizona 0 - Carolina 3

Carolina's pass rush is destroying Arizona's offensive line off edge. Great pass break-up by McClain. 2nd and 15. Palmer short on all throws

Huge play for Arizona, short cross to Johnson the RB on 3rd and 15; picks up 16 and huge first down for Arizona

Again, 3rd and long for Cardinals, pass rush off the edge and Carson Palmer with no chance

Ted Ginn Jr. almost breaks the punt return; the punter Butler made sure he was down. Consecutive weeks that Carolina comes out flying

Green Bay had success with zone read and James Starks last week. Newton and Stewart are so much better with it. Carolina calls timeout