Monday Night Raw



Hey everyone. @jodyjamieson here to cover the post-Royal Rumble Raw. Show kicks off in a little over an hour.

WWE is advertising..... Nothing specific to be honest.

They are however teasing a major surprise return. Normally these things are spoiled online, but I actually haven't a clue who it could be.

The funny thing about this is they are both the source and the rumour. Any thoughts on what they are teasing?

This is the next tweet on the WWE App. Superb quality control

I don't think in the almost two years I've had the WWE Network I've ever watched the Raw pre-show. We'll see if it's at all interesting.

Pre-Show sucks. Watch this instead.

Apparently Flo Rida will be on Raw tonight. And apparently this isn't the big surprise, which is a plus.

Rusev stole a monitor last night after putting Roman Reigns through a table. Hope they play this up tonight. Awesome

*Vince McMahon 90's voice* Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! We are live from Miami, Florida!