#1DHistoryVideo - minute-by-minute



OMG...it's finally here...the final 1D video...aaarrrrrggghhhhhh!

*Presses play on YouTube* This is History. Literally.

ZAYN!!!!! HE'S THERE!!!! Ohhhh.....

Awwwww ...they're like little babies...compared to the teenagers they currently are...

A lot of touching in the video. Slightly too much. I feel uncomfortable.

And why has one of them got Pharrel's hat??!

And Niall's glasses??! Come on. You're a multimillionaire man.

"This is not the end...this is not the end..." (I'm a tenner on the Christmas 2017 comeback btw)

More fans on that street near the end than at most SPFL games this season...

Awwww ...tears from the fans. If I was a fan I'd be in bits right now. I'm not. I genuinely couldn't give a toss.