NFL Redzone



Good evening! The NFL season is back! NFL Redzone is back, im James Leahy taking you through 6 hours of coverage of NFL Redzone!

Here are your Sunday games! Let the 6 hours plus of live NFL... BEGIN!

We have 8 games on the go currently, onside kick first up from Tennessee doesn't pay off and Oakland have the ball.

Our thoughts are with Florida today also, a huge hurricane is battering Florida as we speak, stay safe!

Lynch with a 20 yard run for Oakland to get them within 30 yards


Cooper with a catch, he takes on a defender and gets clattered and pushed over the in goal, the touchdown is been reviewed.

TOUCHDOWN PITTSBURGH! A punt is charged down, and they get it in the in goal! Brilliant pressure from the Steelers!

Touchdown confirmed for Oakland against Tennessee!

Buffalo Bills are in the Redzone, brilliant opening play.