NFL Redzone



So with the early games all but over, I'm now off, I'm sorry to report that I have to go. Next week I'll be back for the full 7 hours, my nephew needs finding etc! Sorry guys! Enjoy the rest of your NFL Sunday!

TOUCHDOWN DETROIT!! They extend their lead!! They lead the Cardinals 28-17!

Into the final 5 minutes in the Cardinals and Detroit game, 1 score in it, Detroit lead as things stand.

3 games currently in play, two of them are all over with the score line!

Oakland win!

Final scores coming up thick and fast! Will take you through them all soon!

TOUCHDOWN EAGLES! They lead Washington 28-17 in the final minute, they win!

Field goal for the Raiders, lead Tennessee 26-16 now

SACKED!!! ATLANTA WIN IN CHICAGO! What a finish to that match!!

Chicago throw it into the end zone, it's incomplete, last play in Chicago... now or never for the Bears!