Evening! The champions league is back and Chelsea are back in the champions league and they've landed themselves a pretty tough group, what with Roma and Atletico Madrid alongside them with tonight's visitors to Stamford Bridge, Qarabag, seemingly being the group fodder. Chelsea must win tonight, really. I'm Joe Love and I'll have coverage of the entire match in about 40 minutes time.

The Chelsea side picked by Antonio Conte sees a few changes as Zappacosta gets a first start for the club. Luiz, Moses, Bakayoko, Hazard and Morata are all on the bench if shit hits the fan.

This is Qarabag's champions league debut and there team is on this team sheet. Now I watched Qarabag's play off round first leg and they looked quite decent, albeit against and absolute load of toss in Copenhagen, but they'll be keen and organised and if Chelsea aren't on there game then they'll have a chance. If Chelsea are on it tonight, they'll batter them.

The teams emerge from the Stamford Bridge tunnel, walk all the way across the pitch, and line up for that screamy champions league anthem, kick off is moments away!

1' Qarabag get the game underway!

3' Qarabag have started positively and have tried to get forward early, Chelsea have started sloppily.

4' Batshuayi does well to hold the ball up on the edge of the box, he tees it up for Alonso who batters in a shot that the keeper pushes away.

5' From the corner, Fabregas puts a ball in, a Qarabag defender heads the ball more up than away and it falls to Alonso who volleys in an effort that's blocked.


6' Chelsea take a short corner again, Willian has ages of time to put a ball in but he doesn't, rolling it to Pedro on the edge of the box who takes a touch, lines up a shot and curls it into the top corner, a lovely start for Chelsea.