Celebrity Masterchef



Very nearly time for the last celebrity masterchef semi final. Exciting times

Ok so I know who most of these people are you'll be surprised to know.

Didn't realise they were all still here though if I'm honest

We're going from 6 down to 4 in preparation for the final. They're all stood behind coloured boxes and they have to use the contents to make different dishes.

Rebecca adlington is scared of the sea and Angelica helps her deal with the fish. They've both got to make the same thing, fish and chips with mushy peas

Dev is working on a curry and seems to be putting a lot of effort into a chutney.

Lesley is also making curry although she's doing it for the first time. Could be interesting

Angelica seems quite confident at the moment, she's working on some batter. Gregg has apparently fallen in love. His words not mine

The other two (ulrika and Kate) are working on a hamburger and chips. This is making me hungrier than it should be

Kate's really going for it with the toppings. Bacon, cheese, chilli. Gregg thinks she's overdoing it