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Ahoy hoy @asnaturalasrain here. Fancy some hot La Liga action to banish the Sunday ennui? You've come to the right place


(Spanish for 'ennui', anyone?)

Yo' playaz

So, what do we got tonight? Sociedad 14 goals in their first three league games, sitting pretty in the table, also beat Rosenborg 4-0 in the Europa League this week.

By contrast, Madrid have 5 points from their first three games and are on the verge of crisis (apparently). You’d imagine that having added La Liga and two European Cups to the trophy cabinet (in just 18 months!) Zizou might be bullet-proof, but then a cursory look at the career of Vicente del Bosque will set that theory to rights

As such, there's the potential for a cracking game of fitba'. And, as if to underline the argument that this the best way to be spending your Sunday, Sky have been broadcasting a Simpsons episode featuring Cat Deeley. Ah’ mean…c’mon now. I *love* The Simpsons, but this is just silly. Has a legacy of such magnitude ever been so crassly destroyed? Do they have Dignitas for cartoons?

On that theme (kinda) - I found this quite amusing


My friend, and terror of the Turf Accountants @graham1A says that this (and I quote) is a beatable Madrid XI. Make of that what you will, Kremlinologists

The teams are in the tunnel, and there's a fair old noise in the stadium. Which Real will be crowned victors? (Eh? Ehhh??)