Morning folks, fit like? We'll not talk of Thursday night eh? How about something to cheer you up, here's what I saw last night....

A bunch of talented professionals, sharing a stage, knowing their role, combining nicely with each other, with perfect timing, led by a details man in absolute control & an audience in rapture. Can we have some of that today?

Dons starting 11... Scott McKenna?

Lambs to the slaughter: Carson, Tait, Bigirimana, Hartley, Cadden, McHugh, Moult, Bowman, Dunne, Kipré, Campbell + some subs I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Derek on McKenna "we need to find out about our players" Erm.... aye! Personally I'd like a settled side, but I get that we'll take time to find that. I thought that time would have been the Europa Cup games though.

Before the game starts, here's a little snippet for you; Emma Pollock, of the only decent thing I can name to come out of Motherwell, The Delgados, is a big fan of ByTheMinute. She wants to do a tennis match for us one day. If you're reading this Emma, hi :)

A minute's applause for Bert McCann, a former Motherwell & Scotland player.

Peep! Here we go.... Dons in their marmite blue strip and playing right to left on my telly. Not sure of the formation yet, I hope they do.

Aberdeen start with a level of keenness that suggests they got a right bollocking after Thursday night. It's a bit rushed, like the primary 7 trials, right now.

Christie lets one fly as it pops back to him from a Dons corner, it's high, wide and just wrong.