Christie did well to steer it goalwards when facing the wrong way, a post was involved too. Whatever, it's a Dons' goal.

Some Motherwell changes, 2 on 2 off. Panic sets in eh?

The goal...

May has a chance to release Shinnie into the box bat the pass is a bit too close to the defender and not close enough to Shinnie.

Aberdeen seem to be getting a bit more space now as Motherwell open up and seek an equaliser.

Final sub from Motherwell, Tanner on, somebody off.

Motherwell's Campbell runs into Stevie May and is poleaxed, and wins a free kick. May pops a hair back into place.

Free kick for Aberdeen wide on the right, Sewart takes it but it finds a Motherwell head.

Motherwell break, but the cut back is well behind the runner and Considine clears.

78 mins - Dons' first sub; May off, Dominic Ball on