Christie takes a forearm smash to the back of the head, ref thinks that's ok

Christie is now our man up top, but seems prepared to come a bit deeper than May. Ball sits in front of the defence alongside O'Connor. Or maybe in front of him :-/ I hate it when we go defensive with 10 mins to go.

Greg Stewart runs into the box turning the defender all ways and a decent shot is saved. Sub, Rooney for Christie. Job done as he's booed off by the Motherwell die-hards

Shinnie picks up a booking with a late(ish) tackle, 2 mins to go

Corner to Motherwell as their fans make themselves heard for the first time. I wasn't entirely sure they had anyone there tbh. They now trying that falling over in the box thing, hoping for a pen. Couple of Motherwell corners and it's all a bit scrappy but the ball's now in Lewis's hands.

4 mins of added time...

Another corner to 'well, in the last minute. Ball drops to the floor but is booted over. And that's it! Motherwell 0 - 1 Aberdeen

A pretty shite game, but at least the Dons looked like they cared. And the defenders looked like they'd met before - I'm putting that down to Arnason's management, but McKenna could get a run in there following that showing. He cramped a bit at the end though.

A tough game to get excited about, but who can argue with a win, an away win, undefeated in the league and 2nd place. I just wish it was a bit prettier. St Johnstone next week, expect more of the same.

Thanks for being here, I've been @grahamterris and it's always a pleasure to cover a Dons win, however they come. Here's some Horrors: