Tour Championship: Final Round



Thanks for the excellent coverage from BTM's very own Man in the High Castle. I'm @dralanwilson taking you through the closing stages of this tournament, the field of 125 having been whittled down to a mere 30 millionaires, fighting it out for a 10 million dollar purse (and whatever this final event is worth).

Sky back from the ads now and we're playing catch up. Henley misses his putt, but still out in 31. Rahm for bogey - slips past after his watery adventures and he could be out of this now. Spieth leaves a long putt short and is only 3 back now on -7.

The tightness of the field and the fact that Spieth is down the board at the moment means a lot of potential situations are mathematically possible. Luckily BTM have consulted this guy to work it out for us.

Mike Barry

That's Roddy LOL !!!

Alan Wilson

He's not aged well since doing all this BTM stuff.

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Thomas tee shot on 8 spanks it on the short green stuff. KK out of the semi (don't titter) and its 30 ft short of the pin. Shuffle laying up. No real choice TBH. Can Sergio hole a long one? - yes he can !! -7 through 13. Only 3 back.

Henley with a poor shot - pulled left and in the cabbage, but bit of green to work with. Spieth and DJ playing up to 12. Some giant arrow messing up my view here. Chitter chatter with caddy. Sounds like an NFL play. 25 out and leave it wide. etc. Sounded good - pitched it pin high. Casey pitching and the wheels are currently rolling down the highway for Paul.

KK's putt - RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE !! -11 and the new LEADER

Casey still with a long birdie putt - cosies up and it will be a dull par. Effectively dropped one here. Thomas now - just hangs on the back of the green. Shuffle plays a terrific pitch to save his par.

Jordan for birdie - nope. Up and out of it. KK with a drive into sand or worse. Could be tricky. Casey on 7 - gone the other way. Right rough and will also be tricky from there. Rahm confounds me by holing a massive putt and now -7. Rose at 10 - long putt, up close. This is still wide open as Sky head for a revenue generating interruption.

Thomas on 8 - bang on line, but a couple of ounces short on weight. Spieth on 13 - currently projected Fedex winner - seems OK. Left first cut. KK from the sand - up and close to the green. Thomas now on 9th tee, swapping clubs like a loon. Usual stuff about wind, flags waving etc. Has he got it right ? NOPE. Bunker short.

Casey from the thickish rough and can't reach the green. Come on man, we're counting on you !! Henley misses a putt, while over on 8 we find Shuffle with 171 to go and he plonks it well left, but on the green. Pretty rubbish really. Over on 7, KK pitches first and should save par as he plays a little gem.