Sporting Team: Rui Patricio; Piccini, Coates, Mathieu, Coentrao; Battaglia, Carvalho, Martins, Fernandes, Acuña and Doumbia


Barcelona Team:

Can't find the sporting lineup on twitter so I'll have a search elsewhere

I'm quite excited for this game. Fingers crossed there'll be plenty of goals. Plenty of really exciting players to watch. That obviously means this will end 0-0

Do check out the live feature on the site if you want to follow the rest of the games tonight. Updates of everything in one place.

This is a pretty cool stadium

Lots of green, excited fans. Lots of phone lights.

I really do love Iniesta. Unbelievable player. Big fan of watching him for Spain and not bad watching him in this team either

And we have kick off

This Barcelona kit is interesting. Quite Roma-esque