Desire - Hurts: Album Review



Good morning, this is David Reid and I am hert to give you my opinion on the Desire - Hurts: Album review. 44 minutes of my opinions to follow.

The first song is Beautiful Ones. Only listened to a minute of it so far and it's pretty good so far. Target audience I would say is people with a keen interest in pop and acoustic as well.

Based on listening to the first song I think it will popular with the public. 2nd song is ready to go.

2nd song great so far as well. Never heard of this band before however so far song of the songs will be going on the playlist.

The 2nd song is "Ready to go"

Another great song. A bit of everything in it. Next up is People Like Us.

"People like you and me can get in love." One of the main verses in the song.

3rd song and another toe tapper!!

This song is basically words repeated which is a good thing and people aren't getting too confused.

Song 4: Something I need to know Not as good as the opening 3 so far however still a good enough tune.