Malaysian GP Qualifying



Morning everyone. @aidanleape here to bring you the final ever qualifying session from Sepang, as we get the grid set for tomorrow's Malaysian Grand Prix. Q1 starts in about 10 minutes time, so lets find you some music

The big news from the pit lane, if you weren't up at about 3am British time anyway, is that Sebastien Vettel is having his engine swapped out. It went ping at the end of Free Practice 3 this morning as he was setting the second quickest time of the session. Your boy Kimi was fastest this morning, Lewis Hamilton could only stutter to 5th. It's not been his weekend so far. Cue pole position...

Anyway, Ferrari still tinkering around with Vettel's car. It looks very calm in the garage, but there is still no front end of that car at all, and they've still got to get all the bits in the back of it. They still have 5 minutes until the session starts, and then probably another 10 minutes after that before they'll have to send it out. The calmness they are working with suggests they'll be ok

The engine cover going back on the Ferrari of Vettel. I'll stupidly stick my neck on the block and say he'll get out there in time. Just the front of the car needing to be slapped back on, and then four lovely bits of Pirelli rubber.

Q1 - 18:00: GREEN LIGHT. Away we go then. Remember, the slowest five in this next session will be having an early bath, a nice bowl of soup, and a chinwag with all the dignitaries in the motorhomes.

Q1 - 16:00: All the big boys choosing the soft compound rather than the quicker super soft. The two almighty long straights on this track should make it easy for they to coast through. Vettel is all fixed, and out on track.

Q1 - 14:30: Romain Grosjean in the Haas to set the benchmark then. It's a 1.34.943. Pole last year was a 1.32.8. The best lap this weekend is a 1.31.

Q1 - 13:30: Hamilton the first of the big guns over the line, and he's predictably fastest with a 1.32.380. Raikkonen will be first to challenge that, he's also on the soft tyre, and goes quicker. 1.32.277. Buzzinga.

Q1 - 11:30: A first flying lap competitively for Pierre Gasly then in the Torro Rosso. You'll remember he's replacing Dani Kvyat this weekend, who has had an almighty fall from grace in a short space of time. Gasly into an early P7 with a lap that is 1.3 seconds behind Raikkonen, bit is also about 0.4 seconds behind his teammate Sainz.

Q1 - 10:00: Vettel is back in the pits, complaining about issues with that hastily built engine. He seems to think there is no turbo. This now does become a worry for Ferrari, as he is still to set a competitive life time. Lots more panic now in that garage. Just when the team will have been giving themselves smug pats on the back too...