Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburg Steelers



Jesse James gets in the action for the first time to pick up the first down and the Steelers are in Ravens territory at the 45. Toss to Bell, 15 yard pick up for another first down.

Bell again gets through for an 8 yard pick up and a new set of downs at the 15. This drive closing in on 10 minutes now, 2nd&12.

Couple of losses sticks the Steelers back at 3rd&15, Roethlisberger finds Macdonald but the offence is called for holding, pushed back to 3rd&25. Pass is caught for a 13 yard gain but it's not enough and it'll be a FG's good and the Steelers are on the board first. 3-0.

That Steelers opening drive comfortably the longest of the NFL season so far. Ate up most of the first quarter. Ravens offense is out to try and get a drive going.

Lateral ball to Campanero for 2yds, and that's it for the first quarter.

6 yard gain for 3rd&2...but Flacco's throw to Maclin is batted away and much like last week the Ravens are struggling to get things going on offense. 3 and out and the Steelers offense is back out on the field.

Antonio Brown gets its, and takes a clattering from Onwansuor. There's a flag as well for an illegal block and Pittsburgh are pushed back to 2nd&14.

10 yard pass to Brown, still 3rd&4....pass is incomplete and the Steelers punt it to the 20. Holding call on the Ravens, that'll push them back to their 10.

Ooooooooooh. Throw by Flacco to the wide open Wallace but he drops it. Would've been a 35yd gain. Short pass makes it 3rd&4. Fumbled snap! Flacco picks it up but he can't get out the pocket and he's sacked. Ravens kicking from their own 15 and to cap things off get called for delay of play. Kicking from the back of the end zone...

A 'whistle from the stands' voids that kick too. Brown picks it up and he's out of bounds at around the Baltimore 45.