My Favourite Band: Queens of the Stone Age



Now this piece of writing isn't going to be laden with witty anecdotes nor detailed analysis why I feel a song is so good. It's more of a "I love this band. If I'm feeling down I'll listen to them, if I'm feeling in a good mood I'll listen to them." That's what your favourite band should be right? A band that hits the spot for you everytime. Now Chris why do you love Queens of the Stone Age so much? Good question, the truth is I don't know. They just have this appeal for me. You want hard rock, they can deliver it. You want heart-felt tunes, my god Josh Homme can nail it. What I've decided to do, as words can't really doing the talking in a piece like this, is to give you an example of ten Queens of the Stone Age songs which they've recorded so far. Some you would have heard of, and others I'm not so sure. So lend your ears over here and I'll make your life infinitely better. I've left off tracks from their latest album Villains which was released last month and these songs are listed in chronological order.

The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret - Rated R (2000) The turn of the century was quite a fallow period for rock music. You had nu-metal with Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit. But that wasn't my cup of tea. Queens of the Stone Age released their 2nd album in 2000, and whilst "The Feelgood Song Of The Summer" gained notoriety for it's interesting lyrics, this in my humble opinion is the best song off the debut album

No One Knows - Songs For The Deaf (2002) It's too easy to pick what is probably QOTSA's most famous song. But the reason why it's so's a banger! From guest drummer Dave Grohl's magnificent drumming and Nick Oliveri's excellent bass playing.

Go With The Flow - Songs For The Deaf (2002) Another certified banger from the Songs For The Deaf album, complete with suggestive video. There has always been an underlying, maybe not so underlying whiff of sex about QOTSA's material. Without wanting to witter on about sex, as I'm writing this on a Monday afternoon, and that's probably the most unsexiest time of the week (sexiest time Friday night btw) rock music should always be sexy.

Another Love Song - Songs For The Deaf (2002) This is a lesser known track off the 2nd album, but it would be remiss of me to not mention Nick Oliveri's work on any QOTSA list. Bassist and co-lead vocalist Oliveri, left the band after the recording and release of the 2nd album, after his relationship became strained with Josh Homme. This was mainly due to constant rumours that Oliveri was being abusive to his then girlfriend, Homme fired Oliveri stating "If I ever find out this is true, I don't know you man". Homme considered folding the band, but continued...

Little Sister - Lullabies to Paralyze (2005) After a break of three years QOTSA returned with a 16 track album, which had plenty of variety on it. In places not as heavy as the previous albums, but Josh Homme still had a good eye for a three minute rock tune (like Go with the Flow on the previous album). A song for me can never have enough cow-bells!

Broken Box - Lullabies to Paralyze (2005) Sadly the keyboardist on this track Natasha Schneider passed away with lung cancer at the age of 52 in 2008. This video shows Queens of the Stone Age's musical ability which showed they just didn't belt out hard rock music. **Parental Guidance Warning** - Music video contains some fruity language.

Make It Wit Chu - Era Vulgaris (2007) I've always thought that Josh Homme is the coolest muthafucka on the planet (apologies for language, but he is!) Just look at the coolness in this video. It's dripping with it. Now I'll admit, I didn't really like the album Era Vulgaris, at times I found it very hard work. However this song. This video. Sit back and be cooled.

The Vampyre Of Time And Memory - Like Clockwork (2013) There was a break of six years in albums for QOTSA, Homme went away and created superband "Those Crooked Vultures" with Dave Grohl and Led Zepellin's John Paul Jones. Please search out their self-titled album. It's fantastic. More importantly Homme nearly died, well he did die briefly in 2010. After botched knee surgery, he suffered from asphyxiation and needed a defibrillator to be brought back to life. After this scare, Homme slipped into a deep depression which took months for him to recover from. The Queens returned with the album Like Clockwork in 2013, and it's certainly less rockier than previous albums, however the slower paced songs show off Homme's voice and the band's musicianship. Personally speaking when I'm feeling a little low I always put on this album, as my wife says "I like to wallow."

I Appear Missing - Like Clockwork (2013) In my humble opinion the Queens Of The Stone Age best song so far.