MNF - Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs



Good Evening everyone. Stephen Clark here to bring you some Monday Night Football of the NFL variety. Only one team remains perfect heading into the final game of Week 4 and that is the Kansas City Chiefs. Tonight they take on the Washington Redskins and we will have all the action shortly.

First of all a moments reflection on the horror that took place in Las Vegas last night.

And after that, it's time for the anthem. Of course taking a knee to this is what is the biggest problem facing the United States at this moment in time.

The Chiefs will kick things off in Arrowhead Stadium giving the Redskins the first use of the ball.

Skins will start from the 25 as the kick off flies through the end zone. WAS 1st & 10 (Own 25) Hand off to Rob Kelly who picks up 4 yards WAS 2nd & 6 (Own 29) Encroachment by the defense hands 5 free yards to the skins WAS 2nd & 1 (Own 34) Swing pass out to Kelly who drops the easy ball and it's incomplete. WAS 3rd & 1 (Own 34) Kelly bounces off a tackle and picks up 12 yards for a 1st Down

WAS 1st & 10 (Own 46) - Kelly featuring heavily early on and he takes the hand off again to take the ball close to midfield

WAS 2nd & 7 (Own 49) - Cousins drops back and fires to Josh Dotson and the sideline. Close to the 1st down marker


Cousins goes down the field and connects with Terrelle Pryor for the score. Chiefs want Pass Interference but there is no flag. The crowd silenced. Extra point is good and Washington off to a dream start WASHINGTON 7 KANSAS CITY 0

44 yard TD pass from Cousins there. Great start for the Redskins. How will Alex Smith and the Chiefs respond? They will start at the 25 as the kick off is long and through the end zone