MNF - Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs



Kareem Hunt pinballs around the backfield and is finally hauled down by his collar. That's an automatic 15 yard penalty and another Chiefs first down.

Alex Smith connects with Kelce again and he collects the first down. Flag on the play and an injury to the Redskins. Double trouble as Spaight limps off and it's a roughing the passer call tagging 15 yards onto the end of the play.

Chiefs have 1st and Goal on the Washington 9 yard line. Hunt sidesteps a tackle to pick up 4 yards. Om 2nd he gets a rugby pass from Smith and he goes to the left hand pylon but is a yard short. On 3rd down Smith's throw is too hot for Hunt to handle but the Skins commit the cardinal sin of lining up offside to give the Chiefs another go from the1 yard line


Alex Smith on a keeper and he strolls in to the end zone untouched. The Chiefs march 79 yards on 10 plays to take the lead for the first time tonight. WASHINGTON REDSKINS 10 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 14 (Q3 9:20)

Huge play for the Redskins on the 1st play of the half. Cousins downfield to Vernon Davis and he takes it all the way down to the Chiefs 6 yard line. 69 yards on the play for Washington

1st & Goal for the Skins. Run it for 3 yards on the first play then Cousins throws it to Ryan Grant for the score.


ESPN commentator John Gruden praising the play calling of the Washington coach Jay Gruden....who just happens to be his little brother.

So a great response by the Redskins. How will the Chiefs react?