Minnesota Twins

New York Yankees



Evening All. After 162 games of the regular season, two teams from the American League face off in a sudden death match up to join the three divisional winners in the MLB post season. It's the New York Yankees entertaining the Minnesota Twins in the 1st Wild Card game.

If you are new to baseball then there is no better time to start following the game. The last two years have seen some of the best sporting action I have ever seen and there is anticipation that we are going to do it all again this year. Last year the Chicago Cubs ended 106 years of hurt by winning the World Series after one of the longest droughts in sporting history.

The Cubs are in the mix again this year so let's explain, for those unaware, how the season works. The 30 teams are split over two leagues, The American and National Leagues. Each league has three divisions of five teams and the winners of each division move into the Divisional Series.

The Divison winners are joined by the two best teams in each league with the best record to make the post season. These runners up play a one game Wild Card shootout for the right to join the Division winners. All making sense? Let's look at the contenders this season.

AMERICAN LEAGUE East Division Winners: Boston Red Sox Central Division Winners: Cleveland Indians West Division Winners: Houston Astros Wild Card Game: Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees

NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division Winners: Washington Capitals Central Division Winners: Chicago Cubs West Division Winners: Los Angeles Dodgers National League Wild Card Game: Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks

The teams are being introduced to the crowd in New York. The Twins came out to the Imperial March from Star Wars, with the Yankees coming out to the Star Wars theme itself. The atmosphere is building ane first pitch is just minutes away.

Time for the National Anthem and a moment of silent reflection to the tragic events in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

I'm Stephen Clark taking you through this one then tonight. Nailing my colours to the mast, I'll be cheering on the Twins tonight. As a Toronto Blue Jays fan, it's natural for me to hate the Yankees. And as a Leeds United fan, I have a soft spot for the Twins for this attempt to co-opt a famous old song.

Minnesota, as the away team, open up the contest at the plate in the top of the 1st inning. On the mound for the Yankees tonight is Luis Severino and this is the Twins line up he will be facing.