My Favourite Band: Coldplay



Coldplay have arguably been one of the biggest four-pieces in the world for a few years now. Following their name change from Pectoralz in the late 1990's, the band has gone on to record and release seven studio albums (eight if you include the eight track EP that followed Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends, the bands fourth album). The four-piece consisting of Chris Martin’s dulcet tones, Will Champion on drums, Johnny Buckland on guitar and Guy Berryman on the bass are still touring with their 18 month long A Head Full Of Dreams Tour which has obviously travelled the globe and been performed in front of millions of people. I’m here to tell you about my Top 20 favourite Coldplay songs. Some you may agree with, some you’ll probably disagree with and there’ll be some of their material where you think ‘Why on earth isn’t that one in there?’ Either way, comments and feedback on this would be appreciated. Right, here we go..

20. Don’t Panic The band’s fourth single as Coldplay was released in 2001 and was taken from their debut album ‘Parachutes’. It never made any sort of impression on he UK Charts with a highest position of 130 but it is almost instantly likeable and a song I’d choose when introducing someone to Coldplay’s material.

19. Swallowed In The Sea This song was never released from the third album ‘X & Y’ but it’s a song that builds after Martin sings acapella for the first verse before the rest of the band start playing, too.

18. Up & Up The final track on the latest release ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ has become the end of the show song on their current tour. It became the third single from ‘AHFOD’ and had a highest position of 71 in the UK charts. Visually stunning video for it, too.

17. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face In what is the closest sounding thing to being a Bond song that the band have done, GPASUYF is a song from ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’, the follow up to Parachutes in August 2002. It was also the fourth of four singles from that album but it only just broke into the UK top 100.

16. Speed Of Sound Do you remember that really annoying Crazy Frog from 10 or so years ago? Amazingly, that beat Speed of Sound to the top spot in the UK and stopped the band from sealing their first best selling single. Lots of lights in the video for this, too!

15. Birds This was only a promotional video for the current tour but it still counts as a release and it made 156 on the UK charts.

14. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall This was the first one to be released from ‘Mylo Xyloto’, the fifth studio album in 2011. It reached number 9 in this country and has become a fixture on the set list of the two stadium tours since then.

13. Charlie Brown Charlie Brown, the third single from the same album as Every Teardrop, did not quite break the top 20 over here but that more than makes up for that with how it looks at any of the band’s stadium gigs. Just think flashing lights on wristbands and the majority of the stadium jumping up and down at the same time (almost)

12. Adventure Of A Lifetime The first single from the latest album, AHFOD reached number 7 in the UK in 2015 and, after the previous album (Ghost Stories) showed a musical direction change back to the material that Coldplay fans were used to.