The People vs Social Media


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Millennials aren't fragile. They're trying to adapt to acrid, smoke filled air, but this time they don't know where it's coming from. I'm here to put my theory out there. It's not scientific, and it's probably not unique. It is simply the product of a bit of thinking I have done on the growing "issue"

I should also caveat - I'm not a millennial.

Social Media should not exist. Not in the form it does right now. I'm sure, somewhere, what it was always meant to be got lost in the monumental monetization of it. But... originally, you could chat to your mates, and post pictures for them to see. That was it. Then... who got involved...? Businesses. They realised, extremely quickly, that they can now jump out of the telly, off the magazine.

...and directly into a part of your brain that they've never EVER been able to successfully tap.

(except tupperware)

Now they became able to advertise to you on the place where you were with your friends, commenting and validating. Social media took the experience of being with your mates in the pub, laughing and joking, and put it onto your computer, or mobile phone. And your brain can't tell the difference. Get a "LIKE", or a Retweet, or comment, and your brain reacts like your mate just bought you a pint

It's called the reward system. You form human connections, based on years of your own personal practice and eons of primate and human evolution. YOUR social media content defines your online existence, as we move from a purely physical existence to a hybrid of physical and electronic.

So now, content goes into the part of your brain designed to foster and react to social interaction. Your brain is NOT designed, or at least hasn't adapted. to being able to distinguish between your best pal DMing you a joke, and a tweet trying to sell you a product. Businesses know this. It's their primary concern and has been since Facebook dropped the "The".

So now, advertising to you becomes the equivalent of putting you in a room with your father, telling you what a good job you've done, but he's wearing a t shirt that says "Drink Sprite"

Almost acceptable, but a lot of you, if you believe in what I'm saying, or can pick out some parts that make sense, will already feel violated. You definitely already do. How many times have you changed your facebook settings because the ads were a little TOO psychic? How creeped out do you feel when banner ads on a webpage are for the eTailer you shopped from a fortnight ago?