The People vs Social Media


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But it's not businesses making you sick.

Now the news is on your social media. And the news is different - the news barely gives a fuck WHAT you're interested in, it's not trying to make money off you. (Well... some of it is, thats a different story). The news is about pumping your brain with as much information as it can, and it doesn't care if you're full.

And it doesn't care what part of the brain it's pumping. So... your reward centre, your social brain, the one that makes you feel good when someone pats you on the back, is receiving bad news. And not just bad news, ALL the bad news. Every horrendous event, from every corner of the planet, at all times, forever

Lee Ryder is a mark ass bitch

Author's note: a side point to my main point too - the business of news also doesn't care if the information it pumps is correct. Only that it's FIRST. Business knew how to tap into you, news knows how to inform you, but business plus news knows how to misinform, to make money. And, out in Vladivostok, they've been working away at the ultimate cancer: Business plus news plus politics. That is for another time.

So... you've gone down the pub with your mates, one of them buys you a pint, and Donald Trump slaps the pint off the table, grabs your genitals. Kim Jong Un is launching nukes from the jukebox and in the bogs you can hear the worst mass shooting in American history.

It is messing with your perception of the world around you and, ultimately, causing you to be fucking miserable.

So... after decades of research, did they ban cigarettes? Nope. Now they're just taxed to high hell, and have enormous banner ads on them showing you what lung cancer looks like. So... now you can't even ENJOY the thing that's killing you. Expect years of research, followed by a disclaimer when you log on to twitter, and a fucking Social Media tax.

I quit smoking in 2012 I'll quit Social Media in 2018

I hope you read this, and I don't care what you do. But hopefully it'll get you thinking. Peace, and love. doc