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I already have the answer to your first question as you click on this article. No, I wasn’t even alive when Oasis were at their peak in the 90’s. And when they split up in 2009, I was still listening to Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. If you haven’t heard of them by the way, and you need something to get your kids into, YouTube their songs. They were the Elvis’ of under 10s music. Anyway, I’m Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711), and today I’m going to be telling you why Oasis are the greatest band ever and created the best music of all time. To quote a certain Rafa Benitez, I'm just stating facts. Also, I will be going through my 15 favourite Oasis songs. And if you have forgotten just how big they were for some reason, taking a look at this...

I started really listening to Oasis back around June, when Liam Gallagher performed at the 'One Love Manchester' concert. Of course, I had heard their main songs on the radio etc, but I had never downloaded their albums beforehand. After Liam's performance at Old Trafford though, I was hooked. Between now and then, I have listened to ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘Morning Glory’ several times at least, and ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ once. As well as this, I have listened to Noel’s High Flying Birds quite a bit, and will be certainly downloading Liam’s solo album which came out today, ‘As You Were’. So, you could say this article is coming out at a convenient time!

Coming up are my top 15 Oasis songs. I would include Noel’s High Flying Birds and the songs already released from ‘As You Were’, but I would be here all day otherwise. Warning, apart from two, they are all from ‘Definitely Maybe’ or ‘Morning Glory’. This is because I feel as though these were the best 2 albums they recorded by a mile, and because of this most of my favourite songs are from these two albums. Feel free to agree or disagree with this top 10 and the order they are in.

#15 - Stop Crying Your Heart Out Despite it only being 15 here, I can tell its a top 5 for most people when listening to songs after a break up. The real meaning of this song? Clear off and get out of my life. That should be the title of the song, but of course they were never going to call it that. "Take what you need and be on your way" should be followed by I hope I never see you again. Or is that a bit too harsh?

#14 - Roll With It Some songs are made for a car journey. "Roll With It" is certainly one of those tunes. It may not be now, but back when this song was released in the 90s, it was frequently put on in clubs etc, and was very much one of the sounds of this decade. Now a days, you will rarely here it on the radio. Instead you will here things which people claim is music. To keep everyone happy, I am not going to say which songs these are, although you can probably guess, as you will more than likely have the same opinion as me.

#13 - The Shock Of The Lightning A song that is frequently overlooked, 'The Shock Of The Lightning' is the only song in my list from the album 'Dig Out Your Soul'. It could be argued the reason for it being overlooked a lot is that it sounds quite similar to a lot of Oasis' biggest hit. Some of you may not have listened to this song for years. For that matter, you may have never listened to it before. If not, I highly recommend you click the video below and listen to it, as it very much has a feel good tempo to it.

#12 - The Hindu Times A song which sounds even better live apparently. Or that is what I heard anyway whilst finding out information about this song on the tin ternet. If you have heard this song live, whether by Oasis themselves or a tribute act, then leave a comment as to whether it does. Or did it sound worse live?

Thomas Frost

Good song but a riff ripped off from Same Size Feet by Stereophonics.

Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell)

Had never heard of that song before you just mentioned it Thomas. I YouTubed it and yeah your right there has been a bit of a rip off!

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#11 - Slide Away I'm not really a fan of the verses in this song however, the chorus is a different story. The chorus in 'Slide Away' is one of my favourite choruses certainly by Oasis, and maybe even of all time.

#10 - Cast No Shadow One of Oasis’ best slower songs. I don’t really like the rhythm of this song as much as others though, and that’s why it’s only at 10. I’m not saying it’s a bad song though, I still think it’s a really good song to listen to. The lyric “as he faced the sun he cast no shadow” is a standout part of this song for me. It certainly comes under the category of “goosebump lyrics” when I hear the song.

#9 - Morning Glory This is in my walking to school playlist. Not only is it a good song, or a bangin' tune as some people might say, it sums me up in the morning perfectly. I "need a little time to wake up" and "rest my mind", and I also have no idea how the day will unfold, and this links perfectly to not only the name of the song, but the name of this whole album too. "What's The Story Morning Glory?"