So it's a game that you'd expect Spain to win but with Albania still having a chance at the playoff spot I'm sure we'll see them really going for it. Expect an intense game, magic from isco, me babbling about how wonderful david silva is and gerard pique getting booed.

Ok it is very nearly time. Lots of players missing from the Albania starting line up due to suspension or coaching decisions and a somewhat changed starting 11 for Spain

The game is underway. Albania press early and win a deep throw in (1)

Piqué heads away a reasonable cross but Albania win back possession. Spain win it back and try to get forward but the ball is knocked out of play (3)

Silva gets the ball into Thiago but the move breaks down there. Spain keeping the ball a bit now though (3)

Isco loses the ball and thiago's challenge to win it back is judged as a foul (4)

Albania really going for it but just a little less sharp than Spain at the moment. (5)

Isco with a great turn but his cross doesn't reach anyone in red. Then Alba hits a good cross but Rodrigo's shot is wide (6)

Genuinely pretty good start from Spain so far. I've seen them start games slowly but they're doing alright in spite of the number of changes. Silva wriggles away from his marker typically well and his good ball in is cleared before it reaches Alba (8)