Good evening chaps and chapesses. I'm Howard Crossland, and live not from Belarus, it's Saturday Night!

Big game this for the Dutch. Win or bust. In fact, given Sweden hit 8 against Luxembourg earlier, win big or bust. That's the most I've mentioned big busts in the same sentence. Anyway, here's a butchers at how it currently stands:

This game is on ITV4 in the UK, so stick that on and shake along with me. Here's the starting lineups: Belarus: Chernik, Essa Rios, Yanushkevich, Politevich, Volodko, Dragun Sleeper, Maevski, Balanovich, Karnitski, Stasevich, Signevich. Netherlands: Cillessen, Janmaat, Dick Van Dyke, Rekik, Blind, Wijnaldum, Vilhena, Robben, Propper Nawty, Babybel, Barn Door Banjo Janssen.

Kick off in just a minute. We've also got live minute-by-minute of Bulgaria-France over at Do join my colleague James for that one, as it could affect proceedings here. But in a new tab of course, as I'd miss you too much.

First mention already of the future is bright but not orange. You won't find me making such poor jokes. Vodafone all the way for me.

We are underway here in Borisov. 3 minutes gone. So far the advert for energy in Azerbaijan is the only thing to catch my attention.

GOAL... for France. Confirmation that the Dutch could do with a hatful. A shitload. A good seeing to.

Belarus just tried the 'ave it!' 40 yarder from a free kick! Loving the audacity. Andy Townsend didn't even mention it, because, well he was busy.

10 mins down. Belarus looking the more threatening so far, in a very unmenacing sort of way. Live pictures below.

The Dutch yet to take the bull by the horns, or even buy a ticket for the rodeo. Dick Advocaat, you need goals! Lots of them! Three up front, two in the hole, all out attack, hard tackling, direct passing, pressing on, counter attack on. Always works for me on Football Manager.