Judd Trump

Stuart Bingham



Good afternoon and welcome to the final of the European Masters between Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) and I will be here for both sessions. Yesterday, Juddd Trump put on a masterclass to beat Cao Yupeng 6-1. Stuart Bingham however had a much tougher battle against Zhou Yuelong coming through 6-4.

Olivier Marteel has the honour of refereeing the final in his home country. Bingham leads the head to head (but only 6-5) against Trump. The players are introduced. Bingham first and then Trump.

JT 0 - 0 SB (0-0) The players pose for photos with the trophy before Trump breaks off in frame one of 17 (i.e. first to 9). There are 8 frames this afternoon and potentially 9 tonight.

JT 0 - 0 SB (0-0) There was a long red left on from the break-off but Bingham misses it by a mile. Nothing left on unless Trump wants to go for a plant. He doesn't but leaves a long one on for Bingham to have a go at. He decides a safety is the better option.

JT 9 - 0 SB (0-0) Bingham goes for a long red but goes at at it a little hard and misses. It almost goes into the yellow pocket but Trump has the first chance in this frame. He goes up for the blue as the pink is a little tied up and the black is near the cushion.

JT 10 - 0 SB (0-0) The cueball travels a little to far and Trump is on nothing rather than being on two reds. He plays a good safety on the baulk cushion behind the green. Trump wins the battle again with a long red and but then rolls up behind the brown.

JT 10 - 18 SB (0-0) Trump almost finds a plant but the safety aspect of the shot goes well. Bingham can see one and misses but again good safety. A unintended kiss from Trump and Bingham has a chance to pot a few balls. The white ends up close to the cushion when playing for the pink. He takes the blue to keep the break going.

JT 13 - 18 SB (0-0) Or not as he then misses a mid-range red. Trump picks up the pieces with a relatively easy red. The yellow gets him down to the business end of the table and he finds the gap for the next red. Although he misses when playing for position.

JT 13 - 59 SB (0-0) Bingham pots a red to the green pocket - it wobbles but goes down and then brown follows. Much better chance on the reds this time. He moves the penultimate red off the cushion and it is available. That means Trump needs snookers.

JT 0 - 0 SB (0-1) Bingham makes a break of 45 to clinch the first frame.