NFL Redzone - Week 5



Here we go. It’s Sunday, aka NFL Sunday! And today is a special NFL Sunday. It’s Chargers @ Giants, aka the Waywell Bowl! Both the Waywell’s here to keep you up to date with that game and all the others going on across the league.

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We have our first points of the day. The Lions, Steelers and Colts all take 3-0 leads against the Panthers, Jaguars and 49ers.

NW: The Eagles in the red zone. If the kicking team has to come on, a unit that involves Jake Elliott, I'm leaving.

They wont need the kicking team. Wentz finds Burton for 6

AJ Green finds the ball in Manche... Sorry Cincinnati (its pouring down) and he runs into the end zone for 6.

WE HAVE OUR FIRST COVERAGE OF THE WAYWELL BOWL! And it summarises both team's seasons really. Chargers safety. Rivers doesn't catch the snap as he is barking out orders and he ends up having to catch it on the floor in the end zone and toss it out the back to give the Giants 2 points.

NW: Waywell Sr is yet to emerge on commentary. He will join us later when it is Chargers 35-2 Giants...

Manning looks for OBJ deep down field but it is inches in front of him. Robbie Gould about to kick for the 49ers in Indy. It's good and we now have a tied game between San Francisco and the Colts.

A comedy show has just appeared on Redzone. Sorry, it was the Cleveland Browns. They went for it on 4th & 1 and got the first down. When your season is over in October you may as well. It could be argued though Cleveland's season was over about 6 months ago...