My Favourite Band: Enya



It was actually very hard to pick a favourite band/singer as there are plenty of artists I can listen to all day – these include HIM, Apocalpytica, Nightwish, Bryan Adams, Eagle Eyed Cherry, Simon and Garfunkel (or the solo stuff Art Garfunkel did) or The Eagles. As you can see I have a very varied taste in music and will listen to anything that has good lyrics or a good beat. I went with Enya as I probably listen to her at least once a week and her music helped me through some tough times in my life.

I first got introduced to her music through my German teacher who would play Watermark whenever we did exams at school. Now for most people that would put them off the music for life, but suffice it say I have a strange mind and I still love that album. The main reason for liking her music is that it has a kind of otherworldly quality about it. Not really sure how to explain that but I am fan of fantasy novels and the music makes me think of the stories in those. It also conjures up images of a peaceful landscape such as early morning mist over a valley or trees like you might get when you go on holiday. I play piano (and violin) and so I can appreciate the beautiful instrumental aspects of the music. Either when the songs are purely instrumental or when they are background to the lyrics. These lyrics are always very evocative (when I can understand them, some songs are in Gaelic which I do not speak) which again gives my imagination scope to run wild.

Alan Wilson

I too have a bit of a soft spot for Watermark, definitely a "time and a place" album which I still listen to on occasion.

In terms of a “top 10”, I am going to do something slightly different. I am going to pick one song from her 8 albums (in alphabetical order) and then two special mention songs. I feel that will give more of a taste of what there is on offer. These are not necessarily favourite songs but they are songs that speak to me.

AMARANTINE It's In The Rain I love listening to the rain when I am indoors – especially when trying to sleep. This song has a positive spin on feeling sad when you hear rain but you know that you won't be sad forever. It also has a relaxing feeling as if you were drifting away to sleep.

AND WINTER CAME O Come, O Come Emmanuel I debated including this album as it is a Christmas album but I decided that I would have to show all of her work to give a full picture. I love traditional Christmas songs and the final song on the album is a beautiful Gaelic version of “Silent Night” (Oȋche Chiúin). However I felt that would be a cop out so I have gone for a song that sounds like it belongs in a church service around Christmas.

Alan Wilson

On my Christmas playlist ... which gives me an idea for (yet another) list !

THE CELTS: Aldebaran This is the first instrumental song I chose. I reminds me a little of the wood in Lord Of The Rings when they meet the elves. The gentle rippling of the notes sounds like wind chimes in the trees and although they never show any in the film, I always imagined there were.

DARK SKY ISLAND Echoes In Rain The lyrics in this one are beautiful but the reason for choosing it is the music that makes me think of rain drops falling into puddles as they rolls off roof or window panes after the rain has stopped. There is a positive feeling in an very emotive song.

A DAY WITHOUT RAIN Only Time A timely reminder that everything good take time to come to you. You can't make up your mind about something overnight. I think it is a good counter to a world where everything is available straight away and everyone wants something and they want it now. Sometimes the best stuff needs time to come to you.

THE MEMORY OF TREES Tea-House Moon This song reminds me of a Japanese tea house with the “paper” walls and delicate decorations all around. Something very gentle and relaxing about the music. I am probably letting my imagination run wild as I have never been to one but everyone can interpret things differently.

SHEPHERD MOONS As Baile This is my favourite album by Enya and it was almost impossible to pick a song from the album. There are probably four or five songs I could have picked (and both my special mentions are from it). However I went with As Baile as my first choice. This is in Gaelic so I don't know what she is singing about, however it sounds beautiful and the song builds throughout.