Catalan President Speech

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The speech will be starting in 25 minutes, it will probably be a declaration of independence from Spain. In the next few days, we could have an independent Catalan Republic, or a war. Let us all hope no more fighting happens.

If you've been under a rock for the last month then you probably won't know that there was an illegal referendum on Catalan Independence. In which the Spanish Government said that the results meant nothing and the referendum will have no effect. Meanwhile Spanish police injured almost 1,000 people trying to stop this "phony" referendum

Spanish Police ended up taking away 800,000 votes that were never counted. With a turnout rate of 51% (im counting the confiscated votes), 90% voted for independence from Spain on October 1st.

The Catalan President is on his way to parliament.

If you want more info on the history of Catalan Independence then go right here to my article on the subject:

15 minutes till the speech is to begin.

10 minutes till the speech begins. We might be about to see the formation of a new nation.

Everyone are taking their seats. The Catalan police has blocked off the area around the assembly building from the public. The Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont is not long from walking onto stage.

Watching the Catalan coverage of the event. No idea what they are saying.

The Catalan President could walk out any minute now. But it seems like not all the assembly members are seated yet.