GOOD EVENING! Roddy Graham here to see if France can clinch their spot at Russia 2018 with victory over Belarus. They are the home side. Belarus can't qualify. What can possibly go wrong?! Let's crack on...CUE THE MUSIC etc etc blah blah

Lets have a wee look at the teams before kick off at 7.45pm. FRANCE: Lloris, Sidibe, Varane, Umtiti, Digne, Matuidi, Tolisso, Coman, Griezmann, Lemar, Giroud BELARUS: Chermik, Matveychik, Yanushkevich, Politevich, Volodko, Dragun, Karnitskiy, Korzun, Kovalev, Stasevich, Saroka

The permutation tonight are really rather simple. France win = qualify for the World Cup. France match or better Sweden's result = qualify for the World Cup. Sweden better France's result = playoffs for the French. See...simple. Nothing to worry about. No need to look at any other groups. It's all happening right here (well, and in Holland too)

Teams are in the tunnel. We've got the delight of John Champion on telly commentary. If only we had Peter Drury it'd be perfection on a Tuesday night. There's a lot of colour inside the stadium in Paris. Can you guess which 3 are most prominent?

Time for the anthems first. Join in with the Belarus one if you know the words...

And now the French anthem. You'll probably know the words to this one. Well, the ones you make up to go along with the tune at least.

Now that the triumphant flag waving is over and done with, some football to get on with. Imagine if the French threw this away and got stuck in the playoffs? I bet they'd get Ireland...

MOUSSA SISSOKO IS ON THE BENCH! That'll give us something to look forward to later on when he comes on and falls over the ball within 17 seconds.

1' Underway in Paris. I think France will win this 3-0 and save you reading my dross for the entire 90 minutes.

2' France have started on the front foot. No real surprise there. Sidibe involved a lot. As has Griezmann. Not many accurate passes though. Bit stop start-y.