My Favourite Band: Muse



Muse have long been my favourite band. I first got interested in music in the early 90's and with my trusty walkman by my side grew up on a wild and varied diet of hip hop, britpop, chart hits and drug infused techno trance. In 1992 I stumbled across Nirvana and "Nevermind" (I am aware it had been out a year by that point) and was mesmerised by the Guitar/Drums combo instantly.

Muse as they are now got together as a trio in 1994 in Teignmouth Devon. Singer/Songwriter Matt Bellamy and drummer Dominic Howard were joined by Chris Wolstenholme as bassist. Before becoming Muse the band were known as Rocket Baby Dolls, winning a local "battle of the bands" and smashing up their equipment in the process.

After winning the competition they realised they might actually get somewhere if they took themselves more seriously, quitting their jobs, moving away from Teignmouth and renaming themselves as Muse. Their first studio album was released in 1999 and was called Showbiz. It has been followed by 6 others and an 8th in total is due next year.

A disclaimer now: I am not a huge fan of the somewhat experimental 6th album, heavily influenced by dubstep, and the 7th was a step back in the right direction but not a classic. As such I have not picked any songs from those albums. I hope for better things with the 8th

So without further ado here goes my top ten. Argue and abuse me in the comments.

10. Unnatural Selection (The Resistance)

This one only just scraped into the top ten and to be honest it was a toss up between this and MK Ultra from the same album. Unnatural Selection gets the nod because it kicks into high gear only after a melodic opening, somewhat unexpected on first listen.

9. Map of the Problematique (Black Holes and Revelations)

I've included the Wembley version of this song as I was supposed to be there. Unfortunately family circumstances dictated otherwise. Muse were the first stand alone band to sell out the new Wembley Stadium (and for 2 nights at that)

Muse are to many people a far better "live band" than they are studio band. I will agree the Stadium experience is usually spectacular at Muse shows, I did get to catch up with the band live on more than occasion including in Munich in 2012 for The Resistance tour.