Roger Federer
7 6

Richard Gasquet
5 4



GOOD AFTERNOON TENNIS FANS! I'm Roddy Graham and you're very welcome to have me here. Some way to end the quarter final day in Shanghai. Roger Federer vs Richard Gasquet. It should be rated 18+ only thing. It's essentially tennis porn. With that in mind...CUE THE MUSIC!

So far today we've already had Juan Martin Del Potro, Marin Cilic and Rafa Nadal reach the final four. Mr Fed is heavy favourite to join them and face Mr JMDP. Gasquet will need that most sexual of backhands to work wonders if he's to cause a shock. Players due on court very shortly. I'd say we'll be underway within 6 minutes. Bare with me until then. Have a cup of tea. Read the paper. Twiddle your thumbs. Whatever you fancy.

Told you it wouldn't be long! Federer struts out into the tunnel with his massive bags. Gasquet just has his strapped to his back. One bag does it for him. Fed just showing off I reckon. Cracking atmosphere within the stadium. For some reason the players are coming out to music over the PA. Has Barry Hearn bought the rights to ATP Tennis these days?!

As he does against pretty much every player on tour, Federer has the better head to head record. 17 times they've met previously. And Federer has won 15 of them. Last time he lost was 6 years ago on clay. In the last 7 matches between the two of them, Gasquet hasn't even won a set. I mean it's verging on the territory where if you stick a tenner on Richard to win today, you lose a tenner... Warmup pretty much completed. Will be giving you one update per game. Some long, some short. All depends on what happens before my eyes.

SET 1 - Federer 0-1 Gasquet Well for someone who hasn't taken a set off Federer in 6 years, it's been a very good start for the Frenchman. A good opening serve, some wild shots from everyone's favourite Swiss tennis players (sorry Stan) and it's the opening game for Gasquet before you can even say "isn't his backhand just a thing of utter beauty". Game RG.

SET 1 - Federer 1-1 Gasquet Well that took even less time... Federer holds to love to level the set. Nothing much more I can say about that. A really, really easy game. Done.

SET 1 - Federer 1-2 Gasquet Someone in the crowd has brought a drum in with them. A fucking drum at the tennis? Disgusting behaviour. Banging it about when there's a challenge put in. Think I've just been sick in my mouth. Anyways, on court Federer plays a ridiculous drop shot which Gasquet didn't read to get him to 15-30. Should really have been 15-40 but Fed dumps a sure winner into the net. Roger does get his BP on the next point though...but fails to convert. Gasquet manages to compose himself to take the game from deuce. That drummer is doing my head in on the challenges though. Ban him/her immediately.

SET 1 - Federer 2-2 Gasquet You know how Federer won his opening service game to love in rapid quick time? Aye, same here. Serve, point, game, repeat sort of tennis. Gasquet just can't lay a finger on him so far.

SET 1 - Federer 2-3 Gasquet At least Gasquet is winning points on his own serve to keep this competitive. A tie-break looks like the only way he'll pinch a set based on what's gone on so far. He does hold for the third straight time to lead 3-2 in the opening set. Now, to win some points on the Fed serve. Or at least point, singular, would be an improvement.

SET 1 - Federer 3-3 Gasquet GASQUET WINS A POINT ON THE FEDERER SERVE! Granted he was 30-0 down at the point so doesn't exactly put much pressure on Rog. And it did come from a Fed overhead shank. But still, he'll take it. Hang on a minute...he actually manages to squeeze a deuce out of the game from 40-15. This is unheard of. Roger will surely cash in his "do you know who I am?" card with the umpire soon. Holy mother...a Gasquet break point! It is saved by Federer after some good defence. And Roger does, just about, manage to squeeze out a hold. But that was impressive from Gasquet. More of that needed.