Man Utd



Hey there. Good morning football nuts everywhere. I'm @doreguymike and you want to be tuned in here today for the REAL scoops on the BIG GAME. It's Anfield. Our guests are the Utd. Crew from Across the Mersey.

Here's your team news. By the way if your a Utd fan and you don't like my tinge on things, feel free to Feck off ok. There's another writer on BTMs who has slid in to undermine my elegance.

Here's the only stat for today that matters to ME. Herr Klopp has managed 37 home games at Anfield. In that span Liverpool have been kept scoreless 3 times. 2 of those have been against Utd.

The special one figures he wants to think they can win the match. Has Klopp something up his sleeve or what ? The sprinklers are on at Anfield to wet down the pitch and make it a slip'n'slide instead of a match. Come on already.

King Kenny out on the field now. 20 pieces of silverware. 3 European Cups. Yes. And his old adversary BaconFace Ferguson is in the stand clapping. YNWA belting out and here they come. Oooooo. Did I see Martin Atkinson in the middle ?

Games on. And when I get sorted here Utd have the 1st set piece. Corner from Miki Tarzan. Liverpool get a goal kick after Darmian hits a hopeful scuff 20 yds wide.

3'. Matip turns it over in the middle but back w Migs. Pool playing keeps here. Safe passing and now Jackie Chan down the left. Ball cleared by Lukaku. Back with Pool. Keeps again.

Coutinho hacked down by Herrera in the centre circle. Make a face like it. Wine gum on the job now. We need a big one from him. Ball goes through to deGea. Now Utd chip it into the box but Hendo clears it 6'

Straight up the middle from WineGum. Strong run pressing into the box and Firmino gets a flick into deGea.

Game opening up now. Good play by both sides and the crowd are in to it.