My Favourite Band: Beastie Boys



One more thing - I don't know how many times I've tried to convince people to listen to Paul's Boutique and forget any of their preconceptions about the group. So one more attempt won't hurt. It's a tenner on iTunes. Yes, you won't get all the lyrics (folding out the cassette insert took an age!), but you can find those online these days (kids...oh, you'll be fine with that one). You will, I hope, get a great experience, as you will with any of the albums. The Beastie Boys may be over, but hopefully their music will continue to change lives. @Ugster1 signing off.

Graham Terris

Oh yes, Paul's Boutique is indeed a great album. You've triggered a "haven't listened to that for a while" response and I've been trying to work to it all morning.

Matt (@Ugster1)

Glad it got that reaction. Never dulls with repeated plays either.

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I miss them. They were a(n) (intermittent!) part of my life for all those years. It was great to see how they evolved over the years, and we're fortunate that we still have the albums and videos. I'll certainly ensure I listen to them all on a regular basis.

In May 2012, Adam Yauch died of cancer. The remaining members of the band pledged to never work again under the name of the Beastie Boys (I don't think anyone could possibly disagree with that sentiment), so that brought the career of this band to an end.

As alluded to earlier, the Beastie Boys really began as a punk band in the early 80s (you can hear some of the output on the complication Some Old Bullshit), so it seemed fitting that they ended with an album like HSCP2. They also managed to pack a lot into a 25 year album career. OK, only 8 studio albums, but they also had a record label, raised awareness of the issues in Tibet, and also had a 43 track compilation album (The Sounds Of Science) that other bands would surely envy.

Fitting to end with the opening track (again!), as it does rather a nice job of bringing us, and the BB, back to where we started:

This one does make my top two or three. There's a hardness to the album, mixed with the usual playful lyrics, that really works. One of the best tracks doesn't even focus on the Beastie Boys - the wonderful 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win' is really all about Santigold. It also has a ridiculous video, the full length version of which is here...

There was due to be a Hot Sauce Committee Part One, but unfortunately that was shelved after MCAs illness and treatment. The launch of HSCP2 was a little different - it was live-streamed from Madison Square Garden - but the content was beautifully familiar, in that it's an album that can only have been made by the Beastie Boys. A commercial and critical success, it turned out to be a fitting epitaph to the group.

So then, sadly, we come to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, released in 2011. Not because it's a poor album - it isn't - but because it's the last of the Beastie Boys oeuvre. What a way to finish though - a cracking listen, another staggeringly good opening track which sets the scene, it's like all the vocals they didn't use in The Mix-Up had been brewing for years and exploded onto this album.

I hadn't realised that there are videos for the album, so I was delighted to find the attached - one of my favourite tracks:

One of my favourite albums, though, was their next one. And perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, it's an instrumental. The Mix-Up was released in 2007, and although it didn't pull up any trees in terms of chart performance, I love the fact that they decided to go completely against type and have no rapping/singing at all, and play pretty much all the instruments themselves. A great album to stick on in the background, catchy too - visitors will ask who it is, and you can surprise them with the answer...