My Favourite Band: Beastie Boys



To 1994, then, and the release of Ill Communication. Not quite 'of a piece' with Check Your Head, but certainly in the same family - less sampling, more instruments than Paul's Boutique. Cleaner, neater, than Check Your Head, it was an instant hit, with 'Sabotage' becoming the best know BB song since Fight For Your Right.

I'll stay away from Sabotage as being too obvious, and go with the song that I heard in a record shop in the US whilst browsing, went immediately to the counter and said 'I'll take what's playing please'. Imagine starting an album with this - perfect:

As an aside, have you ever seen musicians who look like they're having such damn fun? I was lucky enough to see them live, just once at Wembley in 1999 or so - joyful.

Hello Nasty appeared in 1998, a number one album in the UK, US and around the world. The additional of Mixmaster Mike gave the album a different sound to Check Your Head, but with the same dense and intelligent (for the most part) lyrics. 'Intergalactic' reached number 5 in the UK charts, helped, no doubt, by another great video. I'm going to cheat here and highlight two tracks from the album (although really only one is - bear with me)...

From the album - 'Three MC's and One DJ'. No instruments at all on this one...Love the vid too.

Not from the album - 'Body Movin' is a great track, but I think is made even better by the involvement of Fatboy Slim, with his version appearing on the BB complication album 'The Sounds of Science':

We then had to wait 6 years for the next album (which brings to mind the joke in Futurama - set in the year 3000, Fry meets the BB and says that he had their five albums in 1999, to which they reply, "we have seven albums now"). To the 5 Boroughs appeared in 2004 and entered the chart at number one. To my mind it harks back to Check Your Head, with a little more polish and experience added. As proud (adopted) New Yorkers, they didn't ignore the events of September 2001, including the track 'An Open Letter to NYC'.

I like the album, but it's probably not in my top three or four - perhaps there was some disappointment after the long wait. Did have a couple of great tracks though, not least the opener (they really do know how to start an album):

One of my favourite albums, though, was their next one. And perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, it's an instrumental. The Mix-Up was released in 2007, and although it didn't pull up any trees in terms of chart performance, I love the fact that they decided to go completely against type and have no rapping/singing at all, and play pretty much all the instruments themselves. A great album to stick on in the background, catchy too - visitors will ask who it is, and you can surprise them with the answer...

I hadn't realised that there are videos for the album, so I was delighted to find the attached - one of my favourite tracks: