Review: Danny Baker - Going on the Turn



I'm not going to lie, this book review might be slightly biased. You need to know something. I'M A MASSIVE DANNY BAKER FANBOY. Well let me qualify that with one disclaimer (I find his football tweets a bit like "yer Da" which is disappointing, but nobody's perfect right. Blimey this bracketed bit rolled on.) Danny Baker's radio output is bordering on genius for me. From his anarchic 606 output in the early 90s, through to his oft-derided Radio 1 show, also including his BBC London stint and he's on-air rant, which is covered in this book; The 3rd volume of his memoirs. Now you'd think how on earth has Danny Baker managed to squeeze 3 books out about his life so far, well anyone who has listened to Baker on the radio, or seen him on TV. The man can talk! In fact, I'm not sure the man ever shuts up! Now normally someone like that you'd find very infuriating, but Baker has a genuine warmth and man of the people charm to him. If you liked the first two volumes of Baker's memoirs, Going to Sea in a Sieve and Going Off Alarming then you will love this volume. Although to be honest, if you didn't enjoy one or two, would you then persist with a 3rd? The humour rolls off the page in "Going on the Turn" and would not want to ruin the stories Baker tells by placing them in this review, but it's what you expect from Baker. You can imagine him writing these stories with a cheeky grin on his face and laughing to himself. The book also covers the death of Baker's much loved father "Spud" which is a very moving piece of writing, and also the chapter's involving the author's battle with cancer are hard-hitting and pull no punches. As I alluded to at the start of this review, this book really is a must read, but I would say that. I still have copies of Danny Baker's Own Goals and Gaffes on video in the house. If you want to laugh and also be deeply moved this book is for you, I cannot recommend it enough. Now I'm off to listen to some clips of Baker and Kelly from the late 90s. Anymore pie anyone?