Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams



Apologies for the late start, but here is live coverage of the Arizona Cardinals vs the Los Angeles Rams, a game which has the potential to be a classic. I’m Nathan Waywell (@nw_1711) and I will be joined by my dad Harvey aka @wellway27

So far in the game we have had one drive, a Cardinals drive which ended in a missed field goal. Rams currently inside the 20 on their first drive and they don’t convert on 3rd down, so the field goal unit comes out and they go 3-0 up

The break in play gives the opportunity for the NFL to pay tribute to the late great Kevin Cadle

4.14 to play in the first quarter and the Cards have the ball on their own 25

Pitch out to new old boy Adrian Peterson and that is a 1st down after a gain of 12

Arizona can’t advance the chains any further and they punt ..Decent return by the Rams to about their 25

3rd and 6 for the Rams

Incomplete and the predicted shootout yet to catch fire just yet

0.39 left in the opening quarter ...Ball on the Arizona 13 after a delay of game penalty on 1st down !

3rd down pass complete to Nelson but it only gains 12 of the 15 needed...End of the quarter and we will have another punt to open up the 2nd