My Favourite Band



Well. Where to start with this. Cutting Cultural Commentary isn't really my bag, but when it was suggested to us BTMers that they wrote a piece on their favourite bands, then I knew we'd end up here. And so, without further or do, I'm @aidanleape, and this is my ode to my favourite band, that motley bunch from the streets on Manchester, The Smiths.

Now, before we get into why The Smiths are my favourite band, and before I get all misty eyed about my personal history, I have to prefix this by saying that there are some bands that got very close to laying claim to this article. Notable mentions to Radiohead, Elbow, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and The Stone Roses. As I say, they all come mighty close to being my favourite band.

But they don't, and so it's The Smiths. But why I hear you cry. They're just depressing and downbeat. Well, hopefully by taking you through a smattering of their songs (Probably 20, although I haven't already picked them, so I'll probably bleed over into a few more), I'll show you that it's not all downbeat.

And anyway, as has been said before in this series, your favourite band has to be the band that you go back to again and again, no matter how you are feeling. And this lot are the only ones who do that. I think the Manchester connection helps too. Despite splitting some eight years before I was even born, their music still resonates in those streets, and talks of growing up in the grim north.

I don't know how I first came about the work of Morrissey, Marr, Joyce and Rourke, but I remember it being somewhat of a mythical experience. I mean, we never had stacks of Smiths records in the house when I was growing up, but I still remember being told in no uncertain terms that they were a must listen. I can't remember where I started (God knows where you would), but I'm glad I did.

It's not just the music though that makes them My Favourite Band, but also the friends I've made through the band. As we've already said, I wasn't around even when The Smiths formed, and neither were any of my friends, but you can guarantee that at any house party or night out, there will be one track that combines Morrissey's warbling tones, and Marr's jangling notes that will just get everyone.

Anyway, enough of the disgustingly Metro Liberal Elite po-faced analysis, lets just listen to some bloody music. These 20 songs that I'm picking aren't in any particular order. I mean, it's been hard enough picking My Favourite Band, I then can't rank the songs too.

And anyway, the fact is I wouldn't want to either, because as we all know, music preference changes day to day, sometimes even hour by hour. All that is certain for me, is that The Smiths are always there for any mood.

Track 1: I Want The One I Can't Have: I remember vividly it being a point of contention when I once stated Meat Is Murder to be my favourite Smiths album, but I stick with that. In fact, it was the first of the set that I bought on vinyl and is the most worn of the lot. This track is an absolute ripper, a slick and ambiguous love song, performed at it's finest by Moz solo at Glastonbury

Track 2: The Queen Is Dead Want to see the best way to open an album ever. Then this is it. A dulling drum beat, the jilting guitar, and Moz giving a massive two fingers up to the monarchy, and in the same swoop, happily incurring the wrath of the press. Morrissey once said “I didn’t want to attack the monarchy in a sort of beer monster way", and he didn't. He attacked it gloriously