The Scariest Movies Ever



Now if you're not aware of this one, you've got a great chance to acquaint yourself with it because it's been doing the rounds on the splendid Talking Pictures TV on cable and satellite recently. And I would, obviously, highly recommend that you do.

I personally feel as though the scariest or creepiest films are generally not about the undead or spooks or some git in a mask, but about seemingly normal people who turn out to be completely crackers. Or, in the case of Alan Bates here, a bloke who has learned from an Aboriginal shaman how to do a shout that kills anyone or anything within hearing distance of it.

It's one of those concepts that sounds daft on paper, but it really makes your skin crawl, in a good way. It's not just the titular yell that makes it as effective as it is, but Bates' sinister performance was one of the best of his superb career. The way he worms his way into the lives of John Hurt and Susannah York is full of threat and eeriness too.

I absolutely love it. Keep an eye out for it when it comes back round on the TV schedules, you shouldn't regret it.

9) Long Weekend (1978, Australia) (directed by Colin Eggleston)

I promise I'm not just going to pick films from 1978, it's just the way the start of this list has gone, honest.

Similar to The Shout, this is both largely unheard of and also possessing of a potty premise. This one sees a couple head away for, yes, a long weekend (good title) in the Australian Outback to try and sort out their marital problems. But as things become more fractious between them, they find Mother Nature doesn't take too kindly to their bickering and mistreatment of the environment.

There's something I find unnerving and weird about this one, especially a recurring plotline regarding, wait for it, a dugong. No, come on, I'm not joking here, you'll see what I mean if you watch it. It's one of those films where it's all so unexplained but also one where it seems as though it can only end badly, and I do like a bleak state of affairs in a horror film.

It was remade, badly, in 2008 with Jim Caviezel (aka The Christ). Don't watch that one, watch this one. It's dead good.

8) A Tale of Two Sisters (2003, South Korea) (directed by Kim Jee-woon)