The Scariest Movies Ever



William Friedkin has made the odd film that is better known for being pretty scary than Bug is (that Exorcist thing, y'know the one) but this one is a pants filler. Mostly due in part to performances from Judd and Shannon especially that are so completely insane that I genuinely worried for their actual sanity during this.

The odds are you've never heard of this one. If that's the case, keep it that way and just watch it without reading about it because this one will surprise you with its intensity and unhinged acting.

5) Freaks (1932, USA) (directed by Tod Browning)

It's safe to say that you couldn't really make a film like Freaks any more. It's a film that genuinely comes from a whole other era, where you were allowed to make a film with deformed people, carnival sideshow attractions and microcephalics and called it Freaks and nobody would bat an eyelid.

It's morally questionable, sure, but it's also a really disturbing horror film with an absolute skin-crawler of an ending. Apparently the original version was so shocking that they cut over 25 minutes from it - and yet it still came out like this!

There really is absolutely nothing out there quite like this film. You have to see it as much for that reason as much for the reason that it's just bloody terrifying at times.

4) The Exorcist (1973, USA) (directed by William Friedkin)

Well of course it was going to be in here.

I think I spent half my childhood being told by my mum that I should never watch The Exorcist because it was an evil film. Ooh, she saw it at the cinema and she fainted and people were being carried out and one bloke choked to death on his popcorn and so on and so forth.

When you spend all your childhood being told that, it's fair to assume that no film could quite live up to all THAT hype. But while I survived it intact and without the need for resuscitation, it's still quite an experience. A breathtaking battering of your senses with alarming imagery and a horrible atmosphere of dread hanging over it.